Monday, 28 February 2011


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Harga setiap unit (piece): RM25.00
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Tajuk : Kid3D
Kod Produk : MMSS1007
Harga : RM25.00, CP : 8
Terbitan  & Edaran : Kiddie World Multimedia Sdn. Bhd.

Build, Play, and Learn 
Kid3D is a 3-D virtual building block software for object construction. With Kid3D, children can model anything with the right combination of blocks; view and animate them and manipulate the outcome. Kid3D is a software that promotes children’s creativity through training in three dimensional shape building using combination of basic objects. It is targeted for developing Manipulative Skill among children, giving them early exposures useful for future architects, animators and designers.
It has a wide range of block sets that are grouped into themes. Among the themes available in the software are buildings, vehicles and landscapes. With little imagination and time spent in front of the computer, Kid3D users can build virtual houses, vehicles, monsters, reptiles and a never-ending list of creative masterpieces.
Key features of the software are as following:
• User-friendly interface
• Bright and colourful wide range of blocks
• Helps to enhance and develop manipulative skills
• Animation enabled
• Multiview option

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